San Diego Bartell Hotel Zoom Backgrounds

Want to explore your favorite San Diego hotels from home, until you can see these views in person? Enjoy the beauty of our destinations with our custom-made Zoom Meetings backgrounds! Share some of the San Diego sunshine and the hotel views you’ve come to love, with your friends, family & co-workers, right from the comfort of your own living room. We hope that seeing your favorite locations behind you while you are working from home brings a smile to your face and gets you excited for your next Bartell Hotels getaway!

To Download Zoom Backgrounds: Click on any image above, right-click and select “Save Image As”.

Instructions on how to use these backgrounds on Zoom:

  • Sign in to Zoom and go to My Meeting Settings if you're an admin, or "Meeting Settings" if you are just a member.
  • Click the "Virtual Background" Tab, click the + sign next to "Choose Virtual Background". 
  • If you don't see this tab, log in to the Zoom website, go to Settings and toggle on Virtual Background
  • Upload the image you want to use and select.
  • You may need to log out of Zoom and log in to it again for new settings to take effect

Once you've uploaded your photo as a virtual background, the image will stay in your Zoom library for future use. You can always remove the photos there by clicking on the "X" to delete them from your options.

Note-If you're already in a meeting, you can still change your virtual background during the call, by selecting the up arrow (^) next to the stop video button and clicking on the option that says "Choose Virtual Background."

Visit Zoom's Help Guide Here for more detailed info!