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San Diego Crew Classic

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San Diego Crew Classic

From Saturday, April 4, 2020 to Monday, April 6, 2020 April 4, 2020 April 6, 2020 Bartell Hotels

Regarded as the first major regatta of the year, the San Diego Crew Classic brings together thousands of athletes from more than 100 universities, clubs and high school programs across the United States. Spanning ages 14 – 84, the Crew Classic is a competition for future Olympians as well as for those new to the sport. This event is often a highlight of their competitive rowing careers. The Crew Classic is not only an athletic event with competitors at the peak of physical fitness, but a social gathering for enthusiasts to enjoy great local food, a beer garden with San Diego’s famous local craft breweries, and shopping. The event is held at Mission Bay, just a mile from the Pacific beach.

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